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Our Factory

MD Wallpaper is currently the only wallpaper manufacturer in Thailand.


Our factory, MDI Industry, is located in Chonburi province, approximately 80km East of Bangkok. It is the manufacturer of the products of the MD Group, which includes wallpaper, tie-backs, trimmings and tassels.


Established in 1994, we have accumulated more than 30 years of experience in wallpaper production. Our company’s policy of producing high quality products, along with modern designs has helped our brand to be widely recognized and highly regarded, both domestically and internationally.


Our wallpaper products have passed in every criterion of the necessary standard tests for commercial markets in the USA. The tests, conducted by the Commercial Testing Company in Georgia, USA, include all of the important factors for good wallpaper products such as the fire retardation, colour fastness to light, washability, stain and tear resistant, and shrinkage. This means that our products are now fully certified for the USA, and the international markets.


In October 2014, MDI Industry was awarded the Thailand Trust Mark (TTM) by the Department of International Trade, Ministry of Commerce of Thailand. The Thailand Trust Mark (TTM) is a symbol that endorses selected high-quality products from Thailand, which is awarded to companies whose products meet the highest international product standards.



MDI Industry is always finding new ways to improve our products and customer satisfaction. We are in regular contacts with our partners from around the world to keep updates, and improve, on new materials and manufacturing techniques. We are striving to achieve our goal of becoming the no.1 wallpaper manufacturer in the South-East Asia region by 2017.


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