Fill out the information to schedule a date and time.

Provide details to contact you back and details of the style or wallpaper that you are interested in.

Step 1

Experts come to recommend and measure the basic area to your home.

Product specialists will come and offer wallpaper designs and styles that you are interested in to your home. Customers will be able to choose from a catalog of wallpaper designs that interest you and match the style of your home. A deposit of 1,000 baht for survey work can be used as a discount when you purchase products and services.

Step 2

Prepare quotations and make an appointment for technicians to install

The quotation is detailed and easy to understand. The data obtained from the survey can be used for design and installation. We will arrange a queue for an experienced installer to install wallpaper for customers at home.

Step 3


The customer will receive a link to pay for the product and the installation survey fee according to the specified price and conditions.

There are 3 payment methods.

Payment via credit card and debit card (Credit Card and Debit Card)
Pay via Internet Banking
Pay through the counter (Over the Counter/OTC)

Step 4

The technician came to install the wallpaper.

Our experienced team of technicians will install the wallpaper with efficient equipment, thereby achieving quality results and making your walls more beautiful.

Step 5

*Note: Please make an appointment in advance to introduce products 3 days in advance.
*MD @ Home Service will be provided within Bangkok Metropolitan Region only*

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