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Raffi My Home

Raffi My Home

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Raffi My Home

Maarten Vrolijk is internationally known and his designs are part of the permanent collections of various, well-known museums, such as the Stedelijk Museum of Amsterdam and the Museum of Modern Art in New York.

“Once there was a little boy. I can suddenly remember myself sitting in the garden with my father and mother, squatting down to look at a tulip beginning to bloom. Or the cherry tree I used to climb, the tree that turned gloriously pink each spring, and with ripe red fruits to pick in summer.”

“All my designs have always had a common idea behind them, namely, searching for the essence of the natural world. My wish has always been to capture that essence in a single brand. With Raffi, I want to pair these gorgeous colours and exciting forms found in nature, from flowers for example, with my own imagination and handwriting, and let them mingle to create a contemporary fashionable product.”

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