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Architects Paper

Architects Paper

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The Architects Paper brand, which A.S. Création launched in 2008, represented a consistent continuation of the path pursued in the high-quality segment of the upper & contract markets.In addition to architects, the target group also includes interior designers, planners, the upmarket retail industry and interior decorators.


The portfolio contains unique handcrafted products in limited editions such as the Golden Blossom, Iron & Gild, Patina and Pure Rust collections.


You can live in harmony with nature with the Stoneplex sandstone wall coverings as well as with the slate look Stoneplex slabs, concrete, travertine and sand.


The Architects Paper studio also collaborates with designers and architects such as HadiTeherani,

Ingo Maurer and the Porsche Design Studio.


The portfolio is rounded off by individual customer solutions in digital printing and by luxurious timeless wallpaper from the haute couture collections.

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